My name is Agnes Samuel Akpan, I worked with Chief Mrs. A. T. Okpaku for a period of 22 years. I was her cook and I cleaned her house. 

I prepared a lot of meals for Mrs. Aino and for the European families that visited Nigeria. Of course I know how to cook the real traditional Nigerian dishes, but I also learned how to cook Nigerian food, adjusted to the European taste. Besides that, I can cook European dishes too. The European guests especially love my chicken and fries, my cabbage salad, my porridge yam, my stew and my jollof rice with chicken. 

I love to cook. I look for good and fresh ingredients, for a sharp price. I also like to try new recipes. 

Now my work as a cook has stopped after late Mrs Aino passed away, I would like to contine to cook and to serve dishes to the public and co-operate organization. That is why I have a wish to start a catering business for indoor and outdoor services. 

"With deep gratitude in my heart i want to use this medium to say thank you to everyone that contributed in oneway or the other for my business, May God Almighty bless and reward everyone of you in Jesus Name Amen."
#Agnes Samuel

Business Plan       

I went out to look for a shop in different areas in Lagos. I decided to stay in Lagos, because my stepson, whom I take care of, goes to school in Lagos. 

The shop rent is #675.000 (approx. 1400 EURO) for 1.5 years. In Lagos, I have to sign a contract for shop rent for at least 1.5 years. 


To start my business, I need to purchase new equipment too.

Below is the breakdown of the equipment I need in the restaurant.

Gas cooker #80, 000

2 Set of Fan #30,000
1 Generator #150, 000

4 Set of tables #20,000

10 Set of Chairs #30,000

6 Set of Coates #35,000

6 Set of Pots #40,000

Cutleries & Glass cup #30,000

Plates #20, 000


To start cooking the food, I need the following ingredients to start with: 

1 bag of beans #15, 000

1 bag of Garri #20,000

15 bags of Semovita #20,000

1 bag of Rice #25,000


The total estimated amount for the business (except the rent) is #435.000,- (aproxx. 900 EURO).

I am expecting an income of 20 to 30 thousand naira only within the first three months and increase 40,000 to 60,000 daily after six months.