My name is Agnes Samuel Akpan, I worked with Chief Mrs. A. T. Okpaku for a period of 22 years. I was her cook and I cleaned her house. 

I prepared a lot of meals for Mrs. Aino and for the European families that visited Nigeria. Of course I know how to cook the real traditional Nigerian dishes, but I also learned how to cook Nigerian food, adjusted to the European taste. Besides that, I can cook European dishes too. The European guests especially love my chicken and fries, my cabbage salad, my porridge yam, my stew and my jollof rice with chicken. 

I love to cook. I look for good and fresh ingredients, for a sharp price. I also like to try new recipes. 

Now my work as a cook has stopped after late Mrs Aino passed away, I would like to contine to cook and to serve dishes to the public and co-operate organization. That is why I have a wish to start a catering business for indoor and outdoor services. 

Business Plan       

I went out to look for a shop in different areas in Lagos. I decided to stay in Lagos, because my stepson, whom I take care of, goes to school in Lagos. 

The shop rent is #675.000 (approx. 1400 EURO) for 1.5 years. In Lagos, I have to sign a contract for shop rent for at least 1.5 years. 


To start my business, I need to purchase new equipment too.

Below is the breakdown of the equipment I need in the restaurant.

Gas cooker #80, 000

2 Set of Fan #30,000
1 Generator #150, 000

4 Set of tables #20,000

10 Set of Chairs #30,000

6 Set of Coates #35,000

6 Set of Pots #40,000

Cutleries & Glass cup #30,000

Plates #20, 000


To start cooking the food, I need the following ingredients to start with: 

1 bag of beans #15, 000

1 bag of Garri #20,000

15 bags of Semovita #20,000

1 bag of Rice #25,000


The total estimated amount for the business (except the rent) is #435.000,- (aproxx. 900 EURO).

I am expecting an income of 20 to 30 thousand naira only within the first three months and increase 40,000 to 60,000 daily after six months.



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