Good day.

My name is Oshiameh Abraham. I was lucky to work with Mrs Aino as a security guard at her compound. 

Business Plan

I would like to start a mobile company. 

Let me explain this type of business. Is a type of business were we bring in used phones from Europe, Asia, America and some parts of Africa for those people who can't afford a new phone. I can also mix it with new ones for those who can afford it.


To start this business I need used phones. I would be very happy to receive used phones which I can repair and sell again. 

The phones can be spoiled; I can fix it here in Nigeria. I can use both Android and I Phone; every type of mobile phone is OK. 


Besides, to start my business, I need an investment budget.

This budget will be used: 

- to buy equipment

- to buy parts of mobile phones

- to order promotional material so I can promote my business


I would be happy to receive any amount. There is no minimum needed to start my business. 




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