Good day.

My name is Oshiameh Abraham. I was lucky to work with Mrs Aino as a security guard at her compound. 

"My name is oshiameh Abraham. I'm lucky to be among the people who received donation the future after 2020.
Thank you for your generous gift I'm thrilled to have your support and I been able to accomplish my goal and continue to make my dream business Saling well. You truly make a difference in my life. I am extremely great full. Thank you and God will surely bless you all for making different in my life . Thank you. Thank you. thank you."

Business Plan

I would like to start a mobile company. 

Let me explain this type of business. Is a type of business were we bring in used phones from Europe, Asia, America and some parts of Africa for those people who can't afford a new phone. I can also mix it with new ones for those who can afford it.


To start this business I need used phones. I would be very happy to receive used phones which I can repair and sell again. 

The phones can be spoiled; I can fix it here in Nigeria. I can use both Android and I Phone; every type of mobile phone is OK. 


Besides, to start my business, I need an investment budget.

This budget will be used: 

- to buy equipment

- to buy parts of mobile phones

- to order promotional material so I can promote my business


I would be happy to receive any amount. There is no minimum needed to start my business. 




Specified breakdown of the donated money

1 IPhone 6 16 gb  3pies each is 30 thousand naira. total 90 thousand naira 

2 IPhone 6 32gb 2pes each is 35 thousand naira. total 70thousand naira 

3 IPhone 6s 32gb single 50 thousand naira 

4 Samsung galaxy s6 single  40 thousand naira 

5 infinix hot6 2pies each is 20thousand total 40thousand naira 

Infinix smart4 single 30 thousand 

Infinix s5  single 35thousand 

Infinix s4 single 30 thousand naira  thousand


I convened every thing in naira plus the sale I made in Nigeria everything all together is #325,000

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