I am Mr Elisha Ekanem. I worked for the Ebunoluwa Foundation from 2004 to 2020. I worked as a programme Officer in charge of all adoption/passport processing in Abuja. I have know Mrs Aino, Mr Moses and Mr Hakeem since 2004 as I also doubled as a sales executive with Quintessence during the period I was in Lagos. I handled the legalization of all the adoption papers. I was in charge of visa extension. I responsible for hotel reservations and taxi pick up. Before joining Quintessence and eventually joining Ebunoluwa Foundation, where I learnt so many things including cleaning as it was part of my job responsibilities, I had worked at regent cleaning company in Lagos for about a year. Where I was thought how to use industrial cleaning machines. I was also involved in all types of cleaning including deep cleaning.

"Dear all,

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone who has donated money for my cleaning/car wash business. I wish I could thank you individually with a big hug.

It also gave me a new experience of receiving money via international money transfer. That was my first experience and I will never forget that. If not for your support I wouldn't have gotten such an experience.

My family is so grateful to you all for your kind gesture towards us in times like this where things are really difficult.

After the stoppage of inter-country adoption from the Netherlands, and the subsequent loss of my job with Ebunoluwa Foundation, life became very tough for me. But when I was contacted by the Future After 2020 team, I had hope that my life will change for the better. I was really excited when I saw my first donation! And super excited when I saw the total donations.

I am in the process of setting up the car wash space and buying the necessary equipment for the business with the expectations that the business will begin operations fully in February 2022.

The progress reports of the business will be sent on a monthly basis.

Thank you once again for your donations. I truly appreciate it and I promise to deliver results!"

Business Plan

Eljo cleaning services is a first-class cleaning service company with highly experienced staff and excellent
service delivery. We intend to provide a wide range of cleaning services for residential homes, offices,
halls, hotels, cars and other human habitable structure. To this end, Eljo Cleaning Services seeks funding
for equipment and initial operations for the business.
Our targets for the home’s category are middle class and high-end earners who do not have the time to
do thorough cleaning for their homes and can afford to pay for a professional cleaning, pest fumigation
and consultancy.
The CEO, Mr. Elisha Ekanem, with over 10 years in consultancy for cleaning services will be responsible
for scheduling, training, inventory, ordering, payroll and customer care management. The business
organizational type will be a sole proprietorship, with four employees within the first six months.

Please have a look at my business plan, which is attached below. 


Specified breakdown of the donated money

Car wash machine                                  N155,000.00

Water tank                                             N95,000.00

Detergents                                             N10,000.00

Buckets, bowls, and napkins                  N7,000.00

Car wash space for 6months                  N125,000.00

Logistics                                                 N50,000.00


Total                                                       N412,000.00

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