Mr Hakeem Ariori, Social Worker at Ebunoluwa Foundation and Children Academic and Vocational Support Initiatives.


Business Plan      

       I started breeding catfish from 550 fingerlings last year September with two fairly used 2000 liters plastic ponds in my house.It was during one of CAVSI outreach days hence the children were taken through how to breed/farm and how they grow. The first season was a learning experience hence no obvious profit was made.

       I was able to get 700 fingerlings at #12ea for the second season,that was when I found out that they can be oven baked.40kg of the fresh catfish out of 248.5kg were baked, packed and sold to individuals.The balance of 208.5kg were sold at between #700/kg & #1,000/kg. The feed,logistics, energy, packaging nylon was #157,550. One of the customers introduced a wholesaler who is ready to buy and resell the baked fish.Part of the profit from this experience was used to build two additional tarpaulin ponds to give room for better growth.

       Now in third season,I got 400 fingerlings and 300 post fingerlings.The feeds until they are fully grown to be sold is ready.There is the potential for possible export of the baked catfish.The third season is sold out too. 

One of the fairly used plastic pond I started with is giving signs of weakness with little leakages and torn edges. A new one of same size was #67,000, logistics to get it home,get net cover and install is about #29,500.