My names are Nweke ifeanyi, shedrak chidi 27 years old and I am traditionally married to Faith. My wife and I just welcomed our first Child on 6th of May 2021 and we have hopes of creating a better life for him.

Our store - MIFS Super Store - is a mini mart located in the commercial city of Abeokuta, Nigeria. Our products include dairy products, beverages, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables. 

Since we are into the food business, we pride ourselves as playing a part in tackling world hunger by providing groceries at an affordable rate. This is achieved by a collaboration with credible suppliers and rural farmers.

Aside this, another competitive advantage is our team members. These are industrious folks who have vast experience in the retail industry but lost their jobs due to the COVID. They are determined to rise from their ashes.

We are geared towards building a supermarket brand that will stand out from the rest and become a household name in the coming years, known for quality, affordability and a convenient shopping experience and safe for the environment 

Having conducted a SWOT analysis, we are very confident that this is attainable as long as we get the funds to facilitate our laid-out strategies.

We can do only little on our own, but getting as much as €500 will be a major boost towards our desired growth and expansion.

Be a part of our story and help us make this dream a reality. Together, we can build a better tomorrow. 

Thank you


Business Plan

Please find the business plan attached below. 

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