My name is Joy Nweke. I am living in Lagos Nigeria. I am 36 years old  and I am a fashion designer by profession in the past 10yrs. 

I worked with Mrs Aino as her Nanny who helps in taking care of the wonderful children from Ebunoluwa foundation. Besides, I still ran my profession.

I am the owner of a mini fashion designer store with 1 sewing machine and 1 whipping machine. My store is located in the small heart of the city of Lagos Nigeria , in which I look to expand for a better tomorrow. 

Below my business idea. 



Executive summary

As a the c.e.o of JOYCEE  FASHION DESIGNER  which is located in Lagos right inside my house I want to expand my growth  in terms of getting more sewing machines, and materials and getting a shop. 

Joycee fashion designer has helped a few Dutch families in making their clothes from fabrics, bought in Nigeria.

Fashion has always been competitive if you ask me, but I can beat through the market style to be successful.


Profit relationship

 There are many ways to get profit from the fashion industry i.e latest styles and colors. N:B customers satisfaction. And pocket friendly charges. And getting my store in an open place would bring in customers 


Capital cost

In expansion and the progress of JOYCEE FASHION DESIGNER capital  requirements for a start would cost up 

To #(1.1 million naira ). But getting as much as €500 would help the growth of the dream.

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